I began my voice over career in the Eighties, after completing a degree in drama and years of voice training. This background has served me well by enabling me to fully utilize my voice and acting training to create a wide range of vocal styles and personas.

I started doing retail commercials, winning several Addys. Hecht’s, The May Company, Macy’s, Wendy’s, McDonalds, Bob Evans, and Proctor and Gamble are a few of my commercial clients. The ever-intensifying focus on healthcare has added numerous hospitals, insurance and drug companies to that list.

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I have done narration for The Smithsonian, The Discover Channel and National Geographic. I have explained surgical procedures, instructed employees on the proper way to run a Wendy’s franchise, helped educate school children and explained, in excruciating detail, how to file your income taxes.

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AT&T invented Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR) in Columbus, Ohio and I was their female prototype voice. I am the AT&T Lady. I recorded for AT&T, GE, Ford, SBC, The Library of Congress, MetLife, NY DMV, The US Justice Department, Connecticut Income Tax, various airlines, Discover Card, shipping companies and hundreds of banks and health care organizations.

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Above all, I am a voice actor. I am versatile, directable, and easy to work with, with one goal, to always meet and often exceed your expectations.